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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What to Do?

Do you ever find yourself at loose ends and not quite sure what you should be doing?? I find myself sometimes jumping from one thing to another, never quite settled with anything. It had to have been because of a storm heading this way. Although at the time I didn't know. 

During the afternoon I found myself working in the garden. There was quite a bit of pruning to do on the canadale euonymus as we have some serious re-working of certain areas behind the house and it is so over-grown, with branches a good 3in./7.5cm. in diameter. It had woven itself through the picket fence looking like something out of the 100 Years War. I think of the rose briar that the prince had to hack through to get to the castle to find Sleeping Beauty.

The next morning before the dawn the west sky was fogged in. I guess the weather doesn't know what to do with itself either.

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