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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Bison at High Park

High Park
The other day, on the spur of the moment, I took off with the girls to High Park. Actually, I had been thinking of it for a while but then the weather turned so cold, I decided to wait.

And why did I want/need to go. O, so many reasons! But what finally got me going was the need to see the bison.

They were at the back of their area. At first we could only see the two of them but then a little one came out from hiding and was clearly curious about us.(you can just make out his feet) That's when the camera battery died! 
So I missed all those shots of the girls and him touching noses (with mama in the background grunting a cautious warning. That's when a larger male stuck his head out from behind the back wall). 
Eventually, I had to put my hand out for the little one to sniff and then he licked me with a purple/grey and very rough tongue.

As High Park is not much more than a kilometer or two from us, I went back in the afternoon with a re-charged battery and took some more pictures. The sun was out but the two females and baby were lying down. And there was the male. So much bigger and somewhat closer. 

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  1. oooo, wonderful post; aren't they wonderfully prehistoric, yet gentle fellow creatures!