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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Return Visit

Part 2 of Balance and Deviation: High Park
It was, by no means, a planned visit. But seeing as we were here we might as well check in on the Bison that we had visited back in January.

We could see them off in the distance; the mist making it seem steeped in history, at least my wild imagination goes there: eliminating fences, wires, cement and extraneous "noise".

It was almost as if they remembered us. Back in January, the little one had no reservations about approaching us. But this time his mom came too, grunting caution along the way. The girls were good too; quiet and calm.

We had a very nice visit and I would have stayed longer had Sonee not become bored, starting to pull on her leash to continue the walk.

A quick reference shot.

And a parting shot.
Somewhat reminescent of the
American coin
and stamp

image from www.ngccoin.com
image from www.stampboards.com


  1. Just love your photography in these 2 posts!
    And isn't the bison so prehistoric looking.

  2. Amazing beasts, that must have been quite something.