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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Balance and Deviation

It was a wonderful long weekend and I hope yours was too.

On the first day rather than go for our everyday walk, the girls and I slipped away early in  the morning; we deviated. 
It was foggy and warmer than it has been.

We have been here before but it feels like it has been too long. Immediately we could smell the damp earth; a sure sign of warmth returning.

There is a sense of discovery in these early morning hours with the mist floating around. It is quiet and devoid of people, but plenty of squirrels, robins, sparrows and mallards.

I'm sure I have this same picture (above) but taken in the autumn. Don't you love this russet carpet?

Coming here (High Park) is an attempt to put some balance into our lives; to deviate from the everyday routine that we become conditioned to during the winter months. It is a breath of fresher air for the girls and myself.

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