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Monday, June 15, 2015

New Ideas

Hope the weekend was enjoyed by everyone. 

It has been raining a fair bit here. Too much rain isn't good for the tomatoes, so I hope it doesn't take over the summer months.
The little sparrow are quite busy raising their broods. Hopping about gathering bits; Sonee's fur comes in handy.

I've been finishing up a new drawing (more about that tomorrow). As well I've been able to attend to the garden, the new bed I put in earlier this season. Plus the regular clean up that should have been done a few weeks ago. And I'm quite excited about some new garden ideas I have because of the neighbour's tree. When we first came, the tree wasn't so big and there was plenty of sun for the tomatoes. This year, however, it is noticeably larger and the garden will have to be moved. I'm thinking of replacing it with a perennial shade garden.

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