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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Haliburton 2015, Misty Morning

Sunday morning we woke up to a very hung over misty morning. Beautiful.

The girls and I took our walk further east and then south through a different neighbourhood.

Spider webs are so beautiful with tiny little droplets of water on them: like so much beadwork on a piece of lace.


 Walking along, I found the house of my dreams. Or should I say cottage? To have something small, nestled amongst trees and mountains (I realize these aren't quite mountains, but they'll do) and wild flowers is a dream  right now. But dreams have a way of becoming reality.

We wandered back to the park. Surely you can see in the distance and through the mist, the tents. And a little closer...

This is behind our tent. Certainly looks different from the first day, doesn't it? Something Monet would appreciate, I'm sure.

We headed back to the apartment along the secluded pathway of the lumberyard's dam. And then up the stairs that turn and twist up the hill. Roxy can't do these stairs anymore than she can the ones back home up to the studio, so I carried her, as I always do.

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