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Monday, August 03, 2015

Haliburton 2015, Day 2 Evening Walk

Today is the last day
of a long weekend.
Many will be driving home
from the cottage.
Drive safely.

When the show is done each day, I pack up completely as the bugs come at night and the thought of bugs in and amongst my work just doesn't sit well with me. 

After dinner Art went back to work on his sculpture and the girls and I went for our evening walk. That's when we saw the deer. We all looked at each other while I quietly and nonchalantly pulled the camera from it's case to take this picture.

We climbed up Mountain St. and on our way down, further along we saw these characters:

The evening sky is almost the same as the morning with its pinks and greys. It was a lovely evening. We had walked for an hour by the time wevreturned to the building on the left.


  1. Your GOR-geous pictures! The dwarfs is brilliant! I'm constantly amazed that your girls don't chase deer. Good girls.

    1. think they were on leash...but either way they only seem to want to chase when something runs.
      The deer didn't run.