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Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Did I Do It?

Sparrow Avenue, Owl Petite Pouch
Thank you to everyone who came to the Cabbagetown Art and Crafts Show over the weekend. It was wonderful to see everyone on those very autumn-like days. It was my last outdoor show for 2015; sorry to see the warm weather leave.

While participating in one of the outdoor shows, it happened that I was serving a customer when I noticed someone standing in back who clearly was waiting for a moment when I could speak with her.

She began by telling me that she had purchased one of my little pouches last year and how much she loved it and used it everyday. But somehow it had been lost. As I always include a business card with every purchase, she was able to contact me and explain what had happened.

"Not to worry, give me your address and I will send you another"

And now, here she was wanting to thank me for my response, which was very sweet of her. 
Her partner was with her and he said that what I had done was quite unusual, most businesses would have chalked up another sale. 
Why did I choose to replace the pouch free of charge and absorb the cost of mailing it?

 I spend most of my days 
by myself
working in a small studio
and doing what I love to do.
It sounds simple and very romantic
but underneath that image 
is a strong commitment to my art work.
Without that commitment,
 the art would be under 
constant threat of demise.

What does that mean?

It means that the work must sell in order to survive. 

When someone buys my work, they are honouring me, they are letting me know that they want what I have made in their life.

That means a lot to me.

But when someone buys my work they are also telling me that they want me to continue with my work, they are supporting my endeavors and strengthening my commitment. This is a huge honour which I am so grateful to be given.  

So why did I replace the pouch?

...because it was my opportunity to say
Thank You 

Happy New Year to those of you who celebrate 5776 

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