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Friday, November 27, 2015

Set-Up Day at the 2015 One of a Kind Christmas Show

Set-up day at the One of a Kind Christmas Show, 2015

Here is the beginning: the walls are up, the POS is being worked at while my handsome and wonderful assistant is wrestling with the set up of the credit card machine. I am useless with machines, they cause me so much stress. It's not the machine exactly so much as the language used to direct the set up of it. And then it doesn't help that certain bits of information aren't provided so that phone calls need to be made. That's what sends me out of the booth to take pictures.

Back to putting the rest of it together.
As my time is short for these posts, I'll continue after the weekend.
Have a great one.
And if you are coming
to the OOAK
I'm at booth T49

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