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Monday, November 30, 2015

Sparrow Avenue @ the 2015 One of a Kind Christmas Show, Set-Up Day, Part 2

Set-Up Day at the OOAK
It is wonderful to have a strong support system. While my help is putting together the booth, I am able to gather pertinent information provided by the show, collect the parking pass and to deliver a requested item for the main display.

Sparrow Avenue, FIELDS Limited Editions
 The frame for the FIELDS, Limited Editions sign is one that I have had for years and it was perfect for the look and colour combination of the booth. Yes, you must have noticed that I have made a few changes to the look of the booth. I love the "Pressed Steel" Grey of the back walls combined with the aged dark oak. And the shelf with the hooks: I found this just a week ago being tossed! It was sanded down and stained the deep walnut colour of our kitchen cabinets at home.

Almost like a street sign, Sparrow Avenue signage has a new home in front of the booth. Brilliant suggestion from my son.

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  1. Lookin' Fabulous. I love the vintage feel.
    Hope the show is going well for you <3