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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Balance: Get Outside

There are a number of different "hats" to wear when you are self-employed. Some of them are quite obvious; the "maker" aspects. That, in itself, has plenty of  hats to wear. There is the drawing, the burning of the screens, the printing, the sourcing of materials, the cutting, the washing/ironing, printing, heat setting and ironing again. 

Then there is the packaging. The design, sourcing of manufacturers, sorting and packing of products.

And then there is the marketing.
The advertising.
The shows to participate in.

It keeps one busy and constantly thinking and researching.

and did I mention 
the Balance? 

Well, of course there has to be balance otherwise I'd go ding-y.

My family offer plenty of balance as they have their own agendas that require attention. And then there are "my girls" who compel me to  GET OUTSIDE!

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