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Thursday, January 21, 2016

On the Go

Sparrow Avenue, Donkey Pillow
Even though it's still January, I feel the time is speeding by. January and February have always been difficult months for me. To combat the cold, I wear so many layers, not just outside but in the house as well.

If it weren't for "the girls" I'd probably hibernate. I've always thought that hibernation was an excellent idea but then there are the bills to pay and... well...

Anyway, I am grateful that "the girls" force me to go out and once I'm out, it's not so bad.

But yes, the time seems to be flying by and I'm sure there's a co-relation between that and all the projects and ideas that I have on the go.

Recently came across this little ad that Cedar Lake put up at Daily Art Fixx. Check it out.

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