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Friday, February 19, 2016

Drawings and Sketches

Drawings from Last Year's Sketch Book
Behind the scenes there is always some drawing/sketching going on. To differentiate:by drawing I mean that a subject is being taken seriously and hopefully to completion, whereas sketching usually means that I am meandering about with no direction or intent.

Where as the Scribner/Bantam Dictionary describes drawing as:

draw /v 1 to pull or haul along; drag; 2 to pull out; haul up; 3 to infer, deduce; 4 to represent on paper

It goes on and on but not about the "drawing" that I'm writing about.

sketch /v 1 simple, quickly made drawing, often merely an outline; 2 outline, rough draft

I have begun a "collection"(my word) or "board" (Pinterest's word) of some of these drawings here.

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