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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

A Little Walk Along Queen St. W.

A rare walk along Queen St. W. the other day. I was smart to bring the camera (no, I don't have a mobile phone) as sometimes there are visuals that cry out to have their picture taken. 

And sometimes you can come across themes.

But it was a walk with a destination. One of the antique shops was having a preview for an auction and this particular shop has had some very interesting pieces in the past.

A little tin box displaying the temperatures this past weekend presented. Sunny, yes...but cold.

Some vintage wooden puzzle blocks. There were at least a dozen but only these two presented the best pictures. The rest were more tattered.
it was a bit disappointing
as these were the only items
that were of interest to me.
Other than the metal
medicine cabinet
that wasn't up
for auction.

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