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Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Skull Store

Black Bear Skull
We used to go to bookstores when there was down time. Love books. But such a place has gone the way of the dodo. Or so it seems. So when Art found a place that was of interest to him we made the time to check it out.

Art has a fascination with bones. Any kind. Any age. The older, the better. And I have a love of animals. And drawing them. So to see the bone structure up close is the best way to understand what one is drawing.

Wolf Skull

Wolf Skull
The teeth are an indicator of the size of these animals. And the mass of the jaw attests to the power of it's bone crushing bite.

Polar Bear Skull

A Horse Skull, although not modern.
Cabinet of  a Vast Range of Skulls
As you can see by this one cabinet alone, there was plenty to see at the Skull Store. Although I do wish the lighting and display were better like the one in New York.

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