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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Road Trip, Part II

A Country Road
After we left the Donkey Sanctuary (previous post), we headed north west towards Belfountain. I love the look of old Ontario country roads. No wires, no traffic, just trees, rolling hills and a big sky.

There is a water falls in Belfountain, but again, there were so many people enjoying the day that it was impossible to get any photographs.

 When I was getting my camera out of its case to take a of shot of this old building, a van pulled up right in front of it. I was so disappointed and started putting the camera back in its case. But then I noticed that he was backing up and I thought that maybe he noticed that I wanted to take a picture? But no. He was just straightening out, centring himself right smack in the middle of any potential shot. Well, that just annoyed me to no end and I crossed the road to talk to him.

He looked at me (through his closed window) as if I was the one who was being annoying. Nevertheless, he opened the window and I asked him (very politely) if he would mind backing up just a bit so I could take a picture of the old building.

And he did, commenting that I better take a picture before it is torn down...

What's that song?: Every Picture Tells a Story.

On Our Way Home
Good-bye May

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