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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Algonquin Part IV

With the lengthening of shadows we found ourselves heading back towards the west gate of the park. Passing by Lookout Trail, the parking lot was still quite full and we decided to abandon our hopes of walking this trail. Beaver Pond had take the wind out of our sales, for sure.

But once outside of the park I knew that there was another trail: Ragged Falls. I have not been to this trail in many many years as I had known it before the fencing was put up around the rocks. But I wasn't quite ready to leave.

Although Ragged Falls is a very short trail, only Sonee and I did it. The other two need a rest.

I have been to this place in the early spring when there is still snow and ice and there is a beautiful mist that rises up around the trees.

Looking back you can see the Oxtongue River racing towards the falls. Here there was no fencing, here you could move around the rocks and cross the river.

Just behind those rocks in the foreground, the Oxtongue River tumbles and roars it's way down the falls towards a setting sun, bringing an end to a day I've waited for, for a long time.

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