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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Algonquin Part III

The Beaver Trail Pond was not on our list of trails to do. In fact it was at the far east end of the park that we have rarely ever been to. But the Lookout Trail, the one I really wanted to see again, was so crowded with cars and tour buses that I couldn't experience it that way. To be fair, the day was unusually beautiful: warm and sunny as you can see by the pictures. 

We decided to do Beaver Pond Trail because it was just 2 km. and perhaps by the time we were finished, the Lookout Trail parking lots would be clear.

Reading through the booklet provided by the Friends of Algonquin Park was perfect for understanding what exactly we were looking at. If only we had done that at the time!
The trail, though only 2 km. in length with an elevation of 460 metres, was a winding up and down affair that took it's toll on me what with all the  lifting and carrying of Roxy (who, although small, is a compact 30 lbs.) over any incline or decline. 

At the very top is an overall view of the creation of the Beavers. This is Amikeus Lake which is "rich in the growth of aquatic plants...a fine habitat for many other living things which would be scarcer or even totally absent had the beaver not transformed the forest to the rich, shallow lake (sic) it is now." Amikeus Lake is also home to ducks, moose, Great Blue Herons, turtles, frogs and water lilies, not to mention all the bugs that thrive in shallow waters.

We rested here for a while with no one else around.

And then we climbed our way back.

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