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Monday, October 17, 2016


One early morning last week (despite having been bed ridden (for the first time in a number of years) the day before) we threw a bunch of stuff and the girls into the vehicle and headed North...to escape.

It has been too long since last having gone and I knew if I didn't go this particular day, it wouldn't happen for another year. We were north of the city by the time the sun started peaking through.

Hardwood Lookout, Algonquin Pk
The destination was Algonquin Park, one of my favourite places. The last time we were at this spot it was four days later in October and what is green here, was yellow then:

This was Roxy back then. The years have taken their toll, she is 16 now and even though she was able to walk a fair bit on this trip, I carried her up and down most of the rocky and root-exposed terrain.

The trail is 0.8 km., one of the shorter ones in Algonquin with it's highest elevation at 475 metres. The summit of the Hardwood Lookout Trail brings us here: a postcard view of Smoke Lake, one of the many which can be found in Algonquin.

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