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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Escape Part II

Algonquin, Two Rivers Trail
Lake of Two Rivers has many memories for me as this is where we would camp every October. I know it as a quiet place as there would be very few people who would come here in the autumn especially during the middle of the week. Things have changed since those days. There were quite a few people out and about including tour buses!

Luckily the Two Rivers Trail, was quiet and we were able to hike it without disturbance.

The trail is 2.3 km. with an elevation of just under 435 metres. The coniferous tress that are seen here are the result of fires which play an important role in the character of forests. It is explained in the booklets published by the Friends of Algonquin Park that in "an undisturbed forest, the ground is covered by a thick layer of leaves and twigs in varying stages of decomposition. This layer, called duff, is a normally insurmountable barrier to the weak seedling roots of many tree species including..the White and Red Pine. 

 "It is only because forest fires removed the duff, exposing loose mineral soil, that such trees were ever able to perpetuate themselves in the natural environment."

This cliff is one of my favourite places to be and I was glad to be able to bring the girls here once again.

Here is Sonee looking out over the cliff from 5 years ago.

And here she is again.

And Roxy

And this is what it was like as we left the lookout of The Madawaska River system. It was this type of terrain that I carried Roxy.

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