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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

On Going to Ottawa

It was just over a week ago that we left for Ottawa and the Signatures Show. Ottawa is a 5 hour drive away and we thought we'd be able to take our time going. But it took longer to pack the van than anticipated and then we found that it needed some "topping up" before we left. 

We took the "fast " route along the dreaded 401. "Dreaded" because not only is it a boring drive, but all the transport trucks take this hi-way too.

The picture above is along the 416; we were heading north but there were some delays due to road construction.

We arrived in Ottawa after dark. We had an Airbnb room in an old 1930's building with wonderful woodwork that kept reminding me of old films with Humphrey Bogart.

We stashed our stuff and went looking for dinner, after which we decided to walk towards the Shaw Centre where the Signatures Show was to take place. Only, not being familiar with Ottawa and not having a map, we went off in the opposite direction.  But in the end, that was o.k. because we wound up at the Museum of Nature, which I really wanted to see...except not after hours in the dark!

But more about that later.

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