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Friday, November 25, 2016

Sparrow Avenue @ the 2016 One of a Kind Show and Sale

Sparrow Avenue Set-Up @ One of a Kine 2016
Set-up day at the One of a Kind for Sparrow Avenue. I am fortunate to have two wonderful men who help me with the set-up and I walk over later on with lunches. The walls are up, as you can see and the determining of shelf placement was next.

Sparrow Avenue Set-Up @ OOAK 2016
Things were progressing nicely. In fact, this has been the easiest set-up in the 5 years that I have been doing the show. Do you think we're finally getting used to it?

Sparrow Avenue, Set-Up @ OOAK 2016
Just a bit of touch-up painting. Not that I was completely set up; I had managed to misplace the tea towel bars! Was sure I had packed them after the Signatures Show in Ottawa. But no, nowhere to be found. So I had to replace them and install them before the show began.

2016 OOAK
If you are around
for the next 11 days
give yourself a treat
and come see the wonderful
work that has been created
for the

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