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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Musk Ox Tea Towel

Sparrow Avenue, Natural Linen, Musk Ox Tea Towel
Once prevalent throughout the northern hemisphere, the Musk Ox today can only be found in Northern Canada and Greenland. They can live from 12 to over 20 years in the tundra, scraping away the wind-swept snow to feed on vegetation such as the Arctic Willow, Labrador Tea and Crowberry. They are social animals in that they keep in small groups as a means of protection from Timber Wolves and Polar Bears, forming in a circle and facing outwards while their young are protected in the centre. 
While I was in Ottawa, I was asked a number of times if my Musk Ox image could be printed on the Natural Linen Tea Towels. Here is my first pull...with probably more to come.

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