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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Quick Zipper Tutorial

This is a small tutorial demonstrating how I achieve "neat" zippers. 

Someone who comes to my Instagram account had asked me how I do it.

When I first started making pouches with zippers I didn't like the lumps in the corners and I was quite baffled by it. Surely I was doing something wrong. I researched it in books and DIYs but it always seemed to be glossed over. 

So this is what I ended up doing to fix the problem.

1. After all the sewing is completed and the pouch has been pulled Right-Side-Out, I go back in to each corner (one-at-a-time) and...

2. ...split the seams open

3. while holding the seams open with my finger, I push the corner back into place.

4. voila

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