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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sparrow Avenue at Makeology Spring 17

Museum of Steam and Technology, Hamilton, Ontario
Hope everyone had a beautiful long weekend with friends and/or family. The weather eventually co-operated, didn't it?

I was at the Makeology show held at the Museum of Steam and Technology in Hamilton. Despite the weather which was raining and not all that warm, there was a line up that began even before I had arrived to set up. Totally impressive! By the time the doors were open, there was quite a crowd.

This picture was taken in the late afternoon when the sun had come out but the crowds had thinned considerably. The Makeology show was divided into 3 of the Museum's buildings. This building is known as "Building 1913". My table is on the extreme left (half-way up the picture)

Sparrow Avenue at Makeology Spring 17

This picture show some of my new work. I am especially happy with the way the "Canada 150" linen tea towel turned out. This linen is different from the usual Natural Linen that I use but it is 100% linen and is from Russia. I'm also happy to say that I sold out of these within the first hour. Having said that, I kick myself for not having the confidence to make more...next time. (What do they say about hind sight...lol)

Sparrow Avenue at Makeology Spring 17
The first picture at the top of this post is of a Steam Roller from the 1920's. It is easy to see where "Steam Punk" derives its influence. Here is another image of this machine:

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