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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The New Art Festival, Ottawa part 1

Sparrow Avenue at The New Art Festival, in the Glebe, Ottawa
Well here I am, just set up at the New Art Festival in the Glebe, Ottawa. This is a show of 200 artisans in Central Park; so lovely.
The weather was more than anyone could ask for: warm and sunny.  Quite the switch, I heard, from the previous weekend which was cold, windy and raining the whole time.
My work is spread across two tables and the tea towels add a certain flag-like attraction, let alone "the girls" (Roxy is probably under the table for this picture).

Sparrow Avenue, "Canada 150" Linen Tea Towels
The "Canada 150" Linen Tea Towels were a huge attraction and a fair dent was made in its stock on the first day.

Oh, there's Roxy. What a funny girl she is: either poking here head out from under the table cloth or else lying out in plain view of everyone. So many people want to pat "the girls", old and young. Roxy's pretty cool about it. But Sonee is too shy. Both girls were wonderful throughout the show. There was no point having their leashes on as they keep to themselves, even when other dogs pass by, both Roxy and Sonee aren't interested.

Many times the girls would sit across the way in the shade with Art. They were quite content watching me work. lol.

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