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Monday, April 21, 2014

An Early Morning Walk in the Rain

This past weekend was so full of sun, a lovely treat to see the trees in bud, the grass turning green again and the flowers coming up; let alone all the bird activity.

While I was in Nova Scotia I was still able to keep my early morning hours and go for walks even though the girls weren't with me. (I did miss them). Nova Scotia has lots of hills/ridges although they are referred to as mountains there. And some of that was incorporated into my walks.

This picture sort of captures some of the 
up and down.

pussy willows

a novel idea for a bed of flowers

as the crow flies

The darkness of early morning combined with overcast skies and rain, explain the sombre light of my photos.

The cats were usually awake to greet me. Muji lying under the chair and on top of the heating duct: a favourite location for him. 

And the mischievous one 
always trying to sneak upstairs 
where he wasn't allowed.

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  1. Great shots! as usual :)
    That shot of Babu cracks me up.