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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Collecting is something most of us do; it's fun. Some of us have many different collections, some just concentrate on one subject.
The other day I had mentioned about scrap books as a means of containing those picture collections. I have only one that has survived all the years since it was started. Even then the pages are tattered and brittle and have separated from their glue binding.

I collected images of horses, I have always l o v e d horses. Northern Dancer, you may have heard of if you too love(d) horses.
But I also loved (and of course still do) animals and collected lots of pictures of them. Newspapers, magazines, photographs and postcards.

Life magazine used to have wonderful "parting shots" on the last page of each edition; usually quite funny.

I collected images of anything that was interesting. Postage stamps, canned food labels, children's drawings...

even interesting
playing cards


  1. These are nostalgic for me too as I ply through boxes of old letters and pictures I've saved. Must be that time of the year.

  2. When I saw the picture of Northern Dancer (and yes, I definitely remember him) it reminded me that I had the Time magazine cover with Secretariat the Super Horse on my billboard above my desk for so many years. He always kept me company while I did my homework!!