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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Haliburton 2015, Day 2, Early Morning Walk

...this is actually our second walk for the morning as it was still dark when we went the first time. I love the curve of the tree "echoing" the curve of the road. Rather  E. Atget like with the lines leading your eye to somewhere unseen.

This road leads toward town but we chose to go towards the sound of water just to the right.

Hope you can read this.

'Mills were and integral part of early pioneer settlements and in 1864, as settlers started to move into Haliburton, this area was set aside as the "Mill Reserve"'

Looking back towards the dam and Roxy taking up the rear. As we leave this secluded path there is a road to cross which takes us to the library, the Railsend Art Gallery  and the park where all the tents are set up. I just wanted to check that our tent was in good order, knowing that the winds can be pretty strong off the lake.

The early morning light is pretty special.


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