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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Storm

One of the highlights of Day 2 at the Haliburton Arts and Crafts Festival was the storm. We watched it coming, the clouds blowing in closer and accumulating. The winds were strong that afternoon and picked up even more so as they came across the lake towards us. I was front row centre.

Eventually, it became darker and I had to "secure" everything; Close up the sides of the tent and check the lashings. I really felt like I was at sea, a storm at sea. Rather exciting, as long as everything held together.

The day before, Art had staked and spiked the tent, so I was confident that it would hold. The sides of the tent were the weak point. But I had devised a system whereby the winds couldn't loosen and ultimately, rip the sides off the framework of the tent. And it worked!

The winds tossed and pushed, the rain lased down, everyone disappeared. But 15 minutes later it had passed and everyone was back. And then an hour and a half later it happened all over again although not quite as severe. 

Sparrow Avenue  "Say Cheese!"

Have a great weekend.
I can't believe it is already
a week since 
we went up
Wish I could have stayed.

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