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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tea Towel Process Part 1

It has occured to me that I should actually recount the process of making my tea towels. It is rather labour intensive, I think.

After cutting which sometimes
can take a few days,
the linen needs to be washed,
this removes any sizing that may have
been added during the 
process of making the linen.

Each tea towel is ironed,
which is absolutely essential
before any printing can be done.

Ironing, as you know, is such a dull and boring job. If you have insomnia, I suggest you iron. In no time at all you will be asleep! I have to take a number of breaks from this part of the process.

AS each towel is ironed,
it is then folded.
You might think this part to be
but the way I fold the towels
the placement of
each print.

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