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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Early Morning Upon Arriving Part III

One a sunnier morning I stopped to take this picture of the Prince's Gate. It is a beautiful entrance to the Canadian National Exhibition's grounds, as I had mentioned earlier in the week.
The One of a Kind Show is held in the Enercare building; it is absolutely huge! Thousands of people come through the doors throughout the week. It is difficult to imagine these aisles being so full of people, not to mention the number of baby strollers.

Certainly when it is that full there is no way that I can take a picture as I'm busy with customers, transactions and re-stocking the shelves. I love it. It's a good feeling to be so busy under the circumstances.

Late afternoon is usually a slower period; people go home to pick up their children from school and make dinner.
Not far from me was Danny Pollak's booth. I've known Danny's work for years and have bought from him on a number of occasions. Later I will show you one of my latest acquisitions.

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