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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Upon Arriving Each Morning, Part II

Upon the removal of the curtain covering access to Sparrow Avenue's booth, I am greeted by the quietness of the previous night's closing. It is a peaceful time: quiet, just a few artisans beginning their set up.
I love the new "look" of the booth. It seems to have more of a sense that I know what I'm doing. Art and I had gone back and forth about the colour. I wanted the dark grey. It is a colour that seems to be prevalent these days so I thought people would relate to it. But Art thought it too sombre. When our oldest was asked her opinion (I wasn't there at the time), without hesitation she pointed to the grey paint chip. Funny how that works: someone else verifies what you think and then it becomes accepted. hmmmmmmmmmmm

Slowly I  put the booth back together in between sips of coffee that Art brings for us from the exhibitor's lounge.

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